Casino and Poker in 2020

Casino & Poker are on the up and Bulgarian players are back in the game

In the past 14 days search for casino terms in Bulgaria increased by 36%, and most online operators are experiencing between 20% and 60% increase in casino bets, according to affiliates who have visibility over player activity.

The quick research we conducted about player activity with 2 sportsbook & casino operators shows similar results.
Over 2 identical periods of 12 days each, in March (before and after stoppage of sports events) we have observed:

* 34% decrease in sports-betting with operator 1
* 49% decrease with operator 2
Whereas at the same time casino activity showed:
* 50% increase in casino activity for operator 1
* 20% up at operator 2

Plus, the story with regards to poker is ever more interesting, particularly because of the consistent decline and, by large, the falling from grace which the industry experienced in the past several years. Yes, Poker has seen a spectacular revival in popularity with several major milestones reached in just a matter of few weeks.

As poker searches have increased by 30-40%, Pokerstars, in particular, have experienced a surge of more than 70% in Bulgaria, probably also connected to the recent Anniversary Sunday Million. The tournament turned out to be the biggest online poker one ever, with a prize pool of more than $18 million, more than 60 thousand players and more than 30k re-buys. Happily, we also had 2 Bulgarian players win, both with more than $10k in prize money each!

Indeed the increase in interest in poker has been so substantial that we have received information from an insider, who preferred not to be quoted that Pokerstars have had to reallocate new teams to help with verifications of new customers, due to lack of capacity in dealing with the interest in our beloved game.

And all this with most poker operators reporting traffic at its highest point in the last 5 years.


This Bulgarian casino site.

Secret of Atlantis – Soon out!

secret of atlantis slot

Welcome to this July update from!

We have some very exciting news for all gambling enthusiasts. This is the new slots from Netent, Secret of Atlantis. This is a very beautiful slot that we recommend UK players. The slot is with a underwater theme from the forgotten city of Atlantis. The slot will be available for alla UK gambling sites that we promote.

Netent which is one of the most popular slot providers brings us lots of game yearly but not all of them with as much thrilling wait that Secret of Atlantis has brought us. There will be 6 reels and 4 rows on this new slot and we think you are really gonna enjoy placing your bets on this new slot.

If you want to check this new slot out we recommend that you visit Leovegas. This is due to the speed of new games that Leovegas offers their players. If a slot is released for example on a Monday morning, you can expect the slot to be in the online casino section by noon the same day when playing with Leovegas.

The slot will be released within the coming week and we suggest that you stay updated with all of our updates here at since we are the number one fastest site when it comes to new slot releases and which bonuses that will be the most benefitial for you to try the new slot with. With this said we hope that you enjoyed this article and that you share our passion for new fun casino games!

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Gambling sites for June 2016

Kaboo new gambling site

Hello and welcome to our most recent post!

This post will include some new really cool news about new gambling sites that we have arranged with our great casino partners. In the summer of 2016 there has been many new gambling portals opening up their business for the UK market and of course you can trust to give you the latest casino bonuses and gaming portals that has arrived. Right now our absolute favorite casino is the amazing Kaboo casino that has entered the market with an amazing concept that we are confident will have a very nice impact on the market as it differs in many ways from the more classical online casinos. If you are excited to know more about Kaboo please continue to read this article.

Kaboo and its many perks

Kaboo is a gambling site that offers bonuses in a new and cool way with alternate bonuses that is achieved by completing missions on the online casino. Instead of free spins players gets rewarded with what they call echoes and this is a very exciting new way of delivering bonuses. With “echoes” you can buy various bonuses of you liking rather than being forced to take a certain kind of casino bonus. Mainly echoes are used to buy free spins with different kinds of value to them. Whats one of the best things with this is that all echo bonuses are free of wagering requirements.

Best bonuses in the UK

In June of 2016 we have made a big update of the bonuses at Gamblingsites24 and we are thrilled to share these with you. You can for example count on a lot of different and cool bonuses that reaches way beyond what you have played with before and this we are very confident is accurate. Right now you can take a 200% casino bonus with Leovegas that will be active for the entire June and this is available to grab from our homepage. We hope that this post got you as thrilled as we are to share it with you and remember that you always get the latest gambling news at!

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Best sites to gamble with in april!

superlenny bonus

Hello and welcome to our new post of march!

If you have had a great winter and now are ready for the new gambling sites that april got us we have exciting news for you! During the first three months of the year a lot of new great gambling sites has appeared online and we do want to see you on those as we have truly enjoyed them. First of we are adding a really nice new casino called Superlenny. This online casino is a part of the Betit group family that brought us some other very nice casinos like Thrills and Kaboo and we are as thrilled to now introduce Superlenny to all you visitors here at If you are one of the many players that like big bonuses we are convinced that Superlenny wont let you down as they are brought onboard with a really attractive bonus offer that we know that you’re gonna just love.

More free spins

For all gamblers that are more focused towards more no deposit free spins we are excited to announce that we will also start to pay more attention towards no deposit bonuses when we write our daily news articles and this will in return put a lot, yes a lot more no deposit free spins in the hands of all you gambling site lovers. If you are happy with our service we would also like to hear from you to see if you have any particular parts of the website that you enjoy more or if you just have som feed back for us on how we can keep making our website better for users. Please if you have not yet checked out the VIP casino club go in there and apply with your email address and you will start to get a lot more exclusive bonus offers that we negotiate with our different partners.

Looking forward to hear from you!

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Gambling sites in January


Now it’s 2016 and we are excited to start this new year with all of you here at and we have exciting new gambling sites to show you for this new year. If you check our start page here you can se an entire new selection of casino sites that we have arranged for your amusement and we hope that all of the free spins and no deposit bonuses will be a great reward for you to start 2016 with.

Playing online

For all of you that is here for the first time we hope that you will enjoy online gambling as much as we do and get many happy winnings as so many other players has been fortunate and gotten. We wish you all a very happy a cheerful start of the new year and we do recommend you to stay tuned for more awesome bonuses and free spins on our gambling sites for the entire UK to benefit from!

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Tips for gambling with casino sites

Today we write an article with some very useful tips for playing with online casino sites. Playing with gambling sites on the internet is very fun and can offer som great moments while it can also be a danger to some and it is a risky environment as gambling could be addictive. Therefore it’s important that ygambling used mouseou as a player can follow certain guidelines when you play online gambling in order to play safe and stay resonsible which is a very important key in order to have a good time while playing on casino sites now in white december 2015.

Set limits on you online gambling account

What you kind do in order to keep better track of your gambling is to limit yourself of how much you can deposit with and this is very important to do if you feel at any time you play for more money than you planned to do from the beginning because this could be a sign that you have a gambling problem coming your way and this is something that you want to avoid at any cost!

Of course if you play responsible and keep good track and can afford your play we do encourage you to gamble because it’s a very fun way to spend some free moments and of course you can always win big!

We wish you best of luck!


Gambling spins for you today!

gambling machine
Today we present great gambling site offers for you that you can participate in and in this particular post it will be free spins that we will focus on. Here at we have a very big passion for free gambling spins and we are most delighted to share our passion with you on this site! First of we want to tell you about a very special kind of free spins that we offer here with one of our main partners Kaboo!

Innovative online casino

Kaboo is one of the gambling sites that we really enjoy playing online gambling with. With a very nice structured site and with a fantasy theme that we have not experienced before in a cool sci-fi theme we think this online casino can go really far.

The no deposit spins an deposit spins that are presented on Kaboo isn’t exactly as on other websites. Here you will be rewarded with something that they call “echoes” that you can trade for different kinds of bonuses and we think that this really helps creating a great gaming environment that we think that you will love!

You will begin with 5 unique echoes to play online with when signing up with the new awesome casino Kaboo!

Best regards, David